Kidlington and Yarnton Medical Group Kidlington Medical Practice Tel: 01865 842292
Exeter Close, Kidlington, Oxon OX5 1AP  

Yarnton Medical Practice Tel: 01865 379345
Rutten Lane, Yarnton, Kidlington, Oxon OX5 1LT 

Kidlington and Yarnton Medical Group

Opening Hours        

Kidlington Medical Practice

Monday to Friday: 8am - 6.30pm

Extended opening:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 7.30am-8am Doctor & Nurse

Tuesday: 7.30am-8am Doctor

Yarnton Medical Practice

Monday to Friday: 8am -

When the Surgery is Closed

If you need urgent medical attention when the surgery is closed please telephone 111 for NHS 111 Service

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